On the Road to the Goals....This Week's Global Goals Top 5

Here are our top 5 Goal focused news stories of the week...

Electricity Paves the Way

Ever play Scalextric? Now you can, but in real life! In Sweden, the world’s first electrified road is now 2km long, and it charges vehicles....while they drive! What's more, the Sweden road agency plans to scale this nationally - looks like the future of transport is here.

Read the full article here.

What Would You Do If You Had No More Limits?

Common Goal has teamed up with WASH United and Slum Soccer to develop, test and implement a Menstrual Hygiene Management Education Guide in India, where menstruation is seen as a taboo subject. By teaching girls about their period and how to manage it hygienically and with confidence, they hope to reduce the number of girls missing out on school and social occasions because of it. Its a great way of showing young girls that they have no limits and can take charge of their own lives - check out the inspiring video about the campaign here.

Changing Mindsets One Tree at a Time

A small group of volunteers has to decided to plant trees in a primary school compound, with the aim of restoring the semi-arid landscape, which there was once full of trees and wildlife. The trees will provide fuel, shade, act as a wind-break and prevent soil erosion, as well as play a part in reducing climate change - great for Goal #13! Not only that, but the initiative is helping change mindsets to show that small groups of dedicated people can make a difference for the environment. Learn more about this project.

Save the Wolves!

There are less than 500 wolves in the high mountains of Ethiopia, and wildlife conservationists are determined to keep them safe from rabies outbreaks. An oral vaccine for rabies is being given to the wolves through goat meat baits - a pretty smart idea! (As well as a key action for Goal #15, Life on Land). Read more about how they're doing it here

11 SDG Projects Will Receive $100,000 each

A new UN-backed competition to support green growth and help advance the Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals) has awarded $100,000 to 11 different projects - an impressive step towards accelerating progress on the goals. Read more here.