Bye Bye Malaria, Hello Gorillas...This Week's Global Goals Top 5

Here are our top 5 picks for Global Goals news this week...

India Shows Progress on Goal 3

India has announced a 22% drop in maternal deaths since 2013, an exciting sign of progress towards Goal 3, Good Health and Well-Being, as one of its key targets is reducing maternal mortality. The progress made indicates that, on average, 30 more mothers are now being saved every day compared to five years ago. The three Indian states of Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu have actually already met the global goal target - 70 deaths per 1,00,000 live births - proving that progress towards the goals is possible.

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Mountain Gorilla Numbers Rise

Despite all odds, the number of mountain gorillas is on the rise, with their population reaching 1,000. While that may not sound like a lot it means they are the only subspecies to be increasing in number. This is inspiring news for Goal 15, Life on Land, and is thanks to the hard work of many rangers and conservationists fighting to protect the Gorilla population. This may inspire still more conservation efforts by showing people that progress is possible, even when the odds look tough.

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Paraguay Says Goodbye to Malaria

In June the World Health Organization officially declared Paraguay free of malaria, making it the first country in the Americas in 45 years to have wiped out the deadly disease. “Success stories like Paraguay’s show what is possible. If malaria can be eliminated in one country, it can be eliminated in all countries" said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, head of the WHO.

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Ebola Outbreak Defeated in the Congo

Another win for Goal 3, this time on the target of fighting communicable diseases, sees the Ebola outbreak officially defeated in the Congo. This public health victory can be attributed to improved health care. Going forward, the World Health Orgranization and local and regional partners will continue to strengthen the health care system and emergency protocols.

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New Zealand brings in paid domestic violence leave

A key target for Goal 5, Gender Equality, is eliminating domestic violence against women. New Zealand has passed new legislation to support victims of domestic abuse - the legislation will grant victims of domestic violence 10 days paid leave to allow them to leave their partners, find new homes and protect themselves and their children. It is a first step towards tackling the country’s high domestic abuse rates.

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