Voices for Change - A Global Goals World

Voices for Change is an immersive virtual world that helps you learn and discover more about the Global Goals. Launched to mark the start of COP26, this virtual world highlights the need for urgent climate action in order to achieve the Global Goals. When you explore this unique landscape, you'll hear the voices of thousands of people across the world calling for the change and action they wish to see in the world, in support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Whether you have arrived on this page following an adventure through the Voices for Change – a Global Goals World or if you are about to begin your experience, we wanted to give you some background information on Voices for Change and why this campaign carries an important message for people and planet.


In partnership with Google Arts and Culture Lab along with 14 civil society partners, we have created Voices for Change – a Global Goals World. This is a unique virtual experience that showcases thousands of voices gathered from around the world, all in support of the Global Goals. The digital creation is a legacy piece of Forest for Change – an installation of 400 trees in June 2021 in the heart of London by world renowned artist Es Devlin to raise awareness of these 17 Goals. 



Each of the voices gathered and their corresponding Global Goal are now connected to a natural element in the virtual ecosystem that is the magical Global Goals World – a bird, a firefly, water droplet or lily pad. As you explore this virtual world, you will learn about the Global Goals and listen to the inspiring voices as you go.

As COP26 takes place in November, there’s a lot at stake and urgent climate action is needed in order to make the 17 SDGs a reality. These voices underline that none of the Goals – from poverty to gender equality - will be achieved unless climate action is addressed.

At a unique and pivotal moment in history, this experience represents a highly original, beautiful and democratic presentation of the public’s passions.



Now that you’ve learnt about Voices for Change and have explored the virtual world, take action for the Goals and help raise awareness. Here are just three actions to get you started:

  • Share the virtual world so that more people can hear the voices from around the world about the changes they wish to see.
  • Support Voices for Change partners who are championing the Goals - listed below.
  • Pledge to take action to protect our planet. From taking public transport to reducing your meat intake to switching to reusable items.