Young Activists Launch Partnership for Urgent Action on the Global Goals 

Today, leading young activists under the age of 30, from twelve countries have formed the Youth Power Panel, launching a global initiative to accelerate youth action for the Global Goals in 2020. 

Their announcement comes in response to a speech from UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, calling on the General Assembly to make 2020 the year of urgency, kick starting a decade of action to deliver the Goals by their 2030 deadline. 

The Youth Power Panel brings together high-profile youth activists from the USA, UK, Mexico, Philippines, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Lebanon, Barbados and France. 

They aim to empower fellow youth activists around the world by connecting local grassroots campaigns with funding; amplifying youth actions that are creating change; developing tools to help young people track the goals and holding their leaders to account for their delivery.

Meet the Youth Power panel

Andrew Tangang "I'm a devoted development practitioner with over 7 years’ experience in conceiving, implementing, monitoring and evaluating youth/community development initiatives. As a researcher, my interests include decentralisation (local governance) and youth development."

Facebook: @tangang.andrew

Twitter: @tangangandrew

Amika George "Student activist and Founder of Free Periods, the campaign to end period poverty globally."

Twitter: @FreePeriods

Instagram: @FreePeriods

Abideen Olasupo "I have over 7 years experience in the Development, Innovation and Strategy Consultant Business Sector. I am an Harvard Business School alumnus (Entrepreneurship Essentials Course) and a serial entrepreneur. I was nominated and selected as the 8th Most Influential young Nigerian and 100 Most Influential Young Africa in 2018."

Facebook: @olasupo.abideen

Twitter: Olasupo Abideen

Instagram: Abideen Olasupo

Bruna Elias "I'm a Programs Manager at the UN Global Compact in Lebanon with a multidisciplinary background in architecture and sustainability. Also an SDG advocate immersed in the challenging world of corporate sustainability and the agenda 2030."

Facebook: Bruna Elias

Twitter: @BrunaEls

Instagram: @BrunaEls

Dexter Acosta Galban "I'm a young physician-in-training, sustainable health & business consultant, corporate trainer, entrepreneur, government policy developer, and public health advocate from the Philippines who champions the Sustainable Development Goals through tri-sector collaboration."

Facebook: Dexter Galban

Twitter: @DexGalban

Instagram: DexGalban

Donya Nasser " A passionate advocate for youth empowerment, gender equality, and racial equity. For over a decade, I've worked diligently to ensure the rights of young people, women, and marginalized communities to reproductive health services, leadership representation, and intentional engagement."

Facebook: Donya Nasser

Twitter: @DonyaNasser

Instagram: Donya Nasser

Henry Jevanic "An environmentalist, youth leader and community activist dedicating my efforts towards to increasing youth participation in creating a more peaceful and sustainable society. I have a passion for volunteerism and a drive to inspire others to become positive changemakers in their society."

Facebook: Henry Jevanic

Twitter: @Jeo758

Instagram: Henry Jevanic

Inés Yábar "I'm a Peruvian activist, combining her studies, volunteering and job to continue learning, sharing and acting towards a more sustainable future. You should always do something and live your days with meaning."

Facebook: Ines Yabar

Twitter: @InesYabar

Instagram: Ines Yabar

Natalie Robi Tingo "I am a mother, Feminist, survivor. Passionate about youth & Human Rights. I use my skills & experiences to mobilize, organize for action, lead implementation of sustainable interventions to end Poverty through ending violence & discrimination"

Facebook: Natalie Robi

Twitter: @Robi_Natalie

Ria Sharma "A 27-year-old working towards the rehabilitation of acid attack survivors in India. I eat, sleep and breathe my cause."

Facebook: Ria Sharma

Twitter: @MakeLuvNotScars

Instagram: makeluvnotscars

Rosario Del Pilar Diaz Garavito "Rosario is a young peruvian civic leader, Founder & Chief Executive Director at The Millennials Movement organization awarded with the UN My World Survey Volunteerism Award on 2014 by the UN Millennium Campaign for engaging more than 36000 people in Perú in the definition process of the 2030 Agenda."

Facebook: Rosario Garavito

Twitter: @RGaravito

Instagram: Rosario Garavito

Ruth Tawiah "Impact-driven youth development activist who loves working with and for women and girls."

Twitter: Ruth Tawiah

Instagram: tawiah_ruth

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The Youth Power Panel is backed by the Youth Power Partnership coordinated by Restless Development, Project Everyone and Action for Sustainable Development.

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