Why June is a big month for the Goals

Credit: London Design Biennale by Ed Reeve

We are at a critical moment for the Global Goals and with less than a decade left to achieve them, there’s no time to waste. There are many key moments during the month of June where the Goals are either front and centre or they should be in the forefront of conversations.

Here’s why June is a crucial month for the Goals:

Forest for Change – the Global Goals Pavilion

From 1-27th June, the Goals will be taking centre stage at Forest for Change at London’s Somerset House as part of the London Design Biennale. Working with world renowned artist, Es Devlin, 400 trees have been brought to the Somerset House courtyard – something that was banned when it was first built 250 years ago!

Go and see if for yourself and learn all about the Global Goals and why they are the answer to the world’s greatest challenges. Wander through the Forest and discover facts about the world we live in along with the solutions we have to help tackle the challenges we face.

While there, you can also take part in ‘Voices for Change’ – a project that brings together the voices and passions of people across the world in support of the Global Goals and their promise of a better world – by sharing the change they wish to see.

Can’t make it to the Forest? No problem! You can still add your voice by visiting the Forest for Change website.

Credit: London Design Biennale by Ed Reeve


The G7 Summit

 On 11-13th June, G7 leaders will gather in Cornwall in the UK to discuss the world’s biggest challenges. These decision-makers are meeting at a very crucial time. With the world beginning to recover from Covid, they need to use this opportunity to:

  • Commit to providing vaccines for everyone, everywhere. This is a key step towards a just recovery and the achievement of Goal 3 (Good Health and Wellbeing); because where someone is born, or their economic situation shouldn’t dictate whether they receive a life-saving vaccines.
  • Continue their commitment to international aid. Ahead of the summit, over 1,700 organisations, academics and business leaders from across the UK joined together to write a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, calling for the reversal of international aid cuts.
    But global issues like Covid, inequality or hunger are not confined within borders. G7 leaders must work towards achieving the Goals at the national and global level.
  • Develop and urgently implement a climate finance plan to tackle the climate crisis.

Introducing the Fashion Avengers

We engage with fashion every day simply by wearing clothes and the fashion industry intersects with all of the 17 Global Goals – from the health of our planet to the working conditions of garment workers. Despite this, the industry faces complex human and environmental issues and has interacted the least with the Global Goals.

That’s why, we’ve launched the Fashion Avengers, calling on everyone be a #FashionAvenger and become mindful of the impact our clothes have on the planet so we can collectively do better.

Learn all about the Fashion Avengers here.

Generation Equality Forum

Over 25 years after the commitments made in Beijing, no country has achieved gender equality. With the existing progress towards gender equality being threatened and with less than a decade left to achieve Goal 5 (Gender Equality), we need to take action today in order to secure an equal tomorrow for women everywhere. 

From 30th June – 2nd July, the UN and the French government will be hosting the Generation Equality Forum. During the forum, governments, civil society leaders, activists, youth movements and many others will come together set concrete, ambitious, and transformative commitments to achieve immediate and irreversible progress towards gender equality.