The Pandemic Is A Portal

The COVID-19 crisis can and must be a turning point in history.

The pandemic has highlighted systemic failings, fragilities and inequalities that define today’s world. But, it has also offered us an unparalleled opportunity to re-imagine our future. What we need now is a transformative shift in thinking and action. What we need now is everyone to push for The Global Goals for Sustainable Development to be achieved. The plan that all countries signed up to at the United Nations 5 years ago.

In September, world leaders will meet virtually for the UN General Assembly and mark that 5 year anniversary. Let’s keep the pressure up so they turn things around. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine and create a better future.


This September, join with millions of people and organizations everywhere taking action to fight for the Sustainable Development Goals.

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About this film

‘The Pandemic is a Portal’, written by Arundhati Roy,  was published in the FT Weekend in April this year. The essay argues that the pandemic presents us with an unparalleled opportunity to re-imagine our future – and she implores the human race to do just that. Arundhati agreed that we can use her words in the context of this film, to raise awareness of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development – the plan agreed by every world leader at the UN in 2015 to bring about an end to extreme poverty, inequality, injustices and climate change by 2030 – as we approach the 5th anniversary of their agreement this September.