The Goals are the Answer

The Goals are the Answer

2020 created a gaping hole in progress made towards our 2030 targets and exposed the failures in our society. As we enter 2021, we need to continue working together to fight the pandemic and put the Goals at front and centre of a just, green recovery that leaves no one behind. 

As we enter a new year and a new decade, the Global Goals are more relevant, more critical, more necessary than ever before. As geo-politics shift around us, The Global Goals stand strong, laying out a path through the crisis and beyond, a plan to ensure healthy societies, healthy economies, and a healthy planet.  

That’s why we believe the Goals are still the answer and a pathway towards building a better a brighter future for everyone, everywhere.  We need to keep working together against COVID-19, against inequality and against climate change so we emerge stronger, together. 

In 2015, we made a plan to tell everyone about the Goals – now, as we mark five years since they were adopted, we’re asking everyone to remind those around them about this beautiful, ambitious plan that we need more than ever if we are to tackle the world’s biggest problems.

So join us by spreading this colourful reminder far and wide and help make this a year of action, a year of change.