Progress is Possible - Watch Our Latest Films

Six years after 193 Member States agreed to achieve the Global Goals, world leaders gathered virtually and in person in New York at the UN General Assembly to talk about the world’s greatest challenges.

While the world was off-track from reaching the Global Goals, achieving them hasn’t been – and still isn’t – impossible. These 17 Global Goals are the World’s To-Do List, the ready-made pathway towards recovery and rebuilding. Progress is possible and the pandemic has taught the world that we must build a future that’s immune to the reversal of necessary progress.

On 25th September, Global Citizen hosted an incredible this amazing 24-hour concert – spanning across six continents – with the aim to unite the world to defend the planet and defeat poverty.

For this highly anticipated concert – Global Citizen Live – Project Everyone was joined by UN Goodwill Ambassadors such as Dia Mirza, Nomzamo Mbatha and Danai Gurira as well as UNICEF UK’s President, Olivia Colman to create a number of powerful films. These short films were shown on stage and as part of the global broadcast as well as being used for the UN’s second SDG Moment.

They share an important message; that there’s more to do to achieve the Goals, and together, we can get the World’s To-Do List for people and planet done.


The World’s To-Do List

With world leaders gathering during this pivotal time, this film was launched to serve as a big reminder of what we need to do to achieve the Global Goals by 2030.

Leading companies including Unilever,, Reckitt, Mars, Diageo and DPDgroup have joined in sharing the #WorldsToDoList somewhere everyone could see it – on the world itself.


Progress is Possible

Despite the impacts of the pandemic, progress has been and still is possible. Around the world, we’ve seen people, businesses and decision-makers come together to build a better world.

In this film, UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Danai Gurira looks back on what the world has achieved in recent years and talks about what we can do make progress not just possible but inevitable.


The World’s To-Do List - Gender

The pandemic has threatened the reversal of progress towards gender equality. COVID-19 shone a light on the shadow pandemic that threatens the lives and safety of women and girls around the world.

Despite this, women’s movements are continuing to strive for a world where gender equality is a reality for everyone, everywhere.

We can’t move forward when half the world is held back. We have the solutions and the actions needed to move forward. Hear what they are from UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, Nomzamo Mbatha.


The World’s To-Do List - Hunger

Crossing Goal 2 – Zero Hunger – off the World’s To-Do List will unlock countless opportunities. From more children in schools to improvements in the health of everyone, through to the increase in productivity around the world – ending hunger everywhere must be a top priority on our to-do list.

The pandemic has caused a rise in hunger and now, more than 690 million people are undernourished. In this film, UNICEF UK’s President, Olivia Colman shares why we need to achieve Goal 2.


The World’s To-Do List - Climate

With COP26 – the most critical climate summit yet, taking place in November – we all have two responsibilities. Our responsibilities to ourselves and to the world to achieve these Global Goals and protect the planet. Now, leaders must join in taking climate action.

Watch UN Environment Programme’s Goodwill Ambassador, Dia Mirza talking through what must be done to tackle the climate crisis once and for all.