“I will talk about the Global Goals everywhere I go and with everyone I meet”

This quote comes from an eleven-year-old girl in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and defines exactly what we are trying to achieve by teaching lessons on the Global Goals around the world: for children to learn about the goals, the issues behind them, and then to tell everyone about them. 

The girl, Hafsiatu Isha Conteh, went on to say – “I have learnt about the UN Sustainable Development Goals Goals. I am asking all of us to work together to make sure that by 2030 no one will be poor, everybody should have food to eat and there should be proper sanitation. Our government should make sure that we have health facilities so we can be healthy to develop our country… When I grow up, I want to become an engineer so I can build affordable houses so everyone in Sierra Leone can have a house to sleep in.” 

Sierra Leone is one of thirty-two countries in Africa where the World’s Largest Lesson is taking place this week. There is incredible work being undertaken by Ministries of Education, teachers, NGOs, UN agencies and volunteers to make sure as many children as possible learn about the Global Goals across the continent. 

In Mozambique Dr. Jorge Nhambiu, the Minister of Science, Technology and Technical Education, visiting a school where the lesson was taking place, launched the initiative. The Ministerial visit was used to show government level support for all schools to make sure they are teaching about the Global Goals. 

In Lesotho a youth group, supported by World Vision and the Ministry of Education, used the animation film script to write a short play about the goals. They are now touring schools around the country, teaching younger children about the global goals. This is one part of a national action plan to implement the World’s Largest Lesson in all primary and secondary schools. 

In South Africa the Ministry of Education have shown high level support for the initiative throughout. But it is also a great example of a country where out-of-school children have been learning about the global goals. A local NGO is supporting teachers to travel to rural care facilities to give share information in these facilities, thus reaching some of the most marginalized children. 

These examples highlight the variety of ways the lesson on the Global Goals is reaching children all over a continent that urgently needs to implement the new goals. These young people are a major part of the solution to achieving the goals by 2030 and now they are informed about them, and are ready to act!

Check out some great photos of the lesson-taking place across Africa on our Facebook page.