Decade of Impact – Driving Action to Achieve the Global Goals

We’ve heard time and time again that the role of youth is critical when it comes to building a greener, fairer and more just world; and while that statement is true, its execution can often feel tokenistic.

But the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community is proof of the vital role young people around the world have been, are and will continue to play in the pursuit to build a better world for everyone, everywhere. This community of over 14,000 ambitious, driven and passionate individuals is proof that change is possible through strong partnerships.

To mark the community’s ten-year anniversary, Project Everyone teamed up with the Global Shapers Community and Accenture to produce a report titled – Decade of Impact – Driving Action to Achieve the Global Goals. Created with the support of Salesforce, this report not only celebrates the community’s ten-years anniversary but also assesses its impact on the 17 Global Goals.

With COP26 taking place this month, the Decade of Impact report is a timely reminder that young people are not only demanding change but also leading the change. With individuals around the world working together within and across over 450 hubs, the previous decade was filled with tangible changes including:

  • Reaching and mobilising more than 11 million people in 150 countries
  • Planting almost 2 million trees worldwide
  • Lifting over 6,000 individuals out of poverty
  • Constructing 51 schools
  • Providing more than 2 million cooked meals
  • Volunteered 46,000 working days
  • Changed 37 policies  

While we celebrate the incredible achievements of the Global Shapers Community, we also look ahead to 2030 and the changes we are yet to unlock. Seeing as 14,000 individuals can have such an incredible impact on the world in the space of ten years, this report serves as a message of hope for the Decade of Action, that progress is possible.

To make sure progress becomes a reality around the world, not only do we need to learn about the impact this community has had at the local, national and international level, but we also need to learn from the Shapers because they are proof that Goal 17 – Partnerships for the Goals – is a key component to change.

Read the full report and learn more about the community’s impact on each individual Goal.