Celebrating one year of Business Avengers through creative illustration

The Global Goals Business Avengers are coming to the end of their first year together!

 To celebrate the end of Year 1 and the start of Year 2 we decided to work with one of our favourite artists – the amazing Genevieve Edwards -  to create 17 beautiful artworks, one for each Goal.


We launched the Business Avengers programme at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2019, setting out to build a community of like-minded companies with one aim: to use their enormous reach, resources and influence to accelerate awareness and action for the Global Goals. 


Joined by Mars, PepsiCo, RB, Avanti, SAP, Diageo, Salesforce, Google, Arm, Unilever, NTT, Commvault, Nike, Coca-Cola Co., Mastercard and Microsoft, we’ve been honoured to bring together truly inspiring leaders at brilliant companies over the past year.

It’s been an extraordinarily difficult year for all of us, and yet there has still been some fantastic work from these companies to advance progress towards the Goals. Head here to find out more. 

Check out all the 17 illustrations below...