The Global Goals

In 2015, 193 world leaders agreed on the #GlobalGoals, a game plan to change the world by 2030. Today, at halftime, we’re losing – with only 15% of our Goals on track.

But there are big things the world and its leaders can do to achieve the Goals in the second half. And your voice and actions can help.

Here are 3 things you can do today.

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Click the share button on the film above and encourage world leaders to prioritise the Goals. Here's some copy to get you started:

The world is crumbling under the weight of the climate crisis, soaring cost of living, and inequality. At halftime for the #GlobalGoals we need to regroup and strive forward inch by inch and #ImagineWinning. Learn more 👉

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Take action for the Global Goals and tune into the Halftime Show at the UN.

Every action we take individually and collectively inches us closer to achieving the Global Goals.

There are incredible solutions out there that, if implemented, could turn this game around in the 2nd half.