The Global Goals
At halftime is the world bank  our star player?

At halftime is the world bank our star player?

We stand at a pivotal halfway mark in our journey towards achieving the Global Goals. Yet, there’s a daunting $4 trillion annual gap in the funds we need to ensure a better future by 2030. But here’s the silver lining: institutions like the World Bank can bridge nearly a quarter of this gap!

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As the new President of the World Bank, Ajay Banga can set ambitious goals to increase lending for climate change and poverty alleviation, prioritize gender equality, ensure leaders and people have a voice in the Bank’s process.



Germany is the 4th largest shareholder of the World Bank. However, the German government has proved hesitant when it comes to supporting reform of the Bank’s processes.



The more people are aware of the World Bank, why it matters and how its reform could benefit everyone, the better. Help us spread the word by sharing the content below or by downloading and sharing our campaign assets.

Together, we can #FreeTheFunds!

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#COP28 kicks off today and the World Bank can play a huge part in delivering critical funds to fight climate change.

Let’s all call on World Leaders to #FreeTheFunds. Head to for more. #GlobalGoals

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Is this the man that could unlock millions in funds for our country and change lives? Ajay Banga, has become the new manager of the World Bank and money from the World Bank can be used to fund essential projects that can transform OUR lives

The Global Goals


Barbados Prime Minister and SDG advocate Mia Mottley has a plan to fix Multilateral Development Banks so they can work to save the world.

These banks exist to reduce poverty and combat the effects of climate change by investing in development. At the moment, they’re a little too risk averse to direct sufficient amounts of money to where it’s needed, but Mia Mottley has the right kind of plan to change this.

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Staying informed and learning more about reform to Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) like the World Bank is another crucial way for you to take action. We’ve gathered a few resources to help you understand this issue better.

The following links can help you find out more about the current Policy Issues, understand the Data and Track ongoing reform. 

You can also read the report Mobilizing Finance to Meet Our Climate & Development Goals

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Listen to Mia

Prime Minister Mia Mottley is leading the calls to upgrade institutions like the World Bank, making them more responsive to the needs of people and planet. She has a plan and the world needs to listen to her.

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The World Bank has a new President, Ajay Banga. He can be a champion for people and planet, but only with the support of his shareholders. Join us in calling on the World Bank to #FreeTheFunds.

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