Malala, Beyonce and Prince Charles... This Week's Global Goals Top 5

The Global Goals really can unite the most diverse range of campaigning superstars! Take a look at the incredible action taking place this week...

1) Happy Birthday Malala

This Thursday Malala Yousafzai celebrated her 21st birthday which meant we celebrated Malala Day. Malala Day is a UN recognised holiday to honour when Malala, a month after she was shot by the Taliban, spoke at the UN and called for worldwide access to education. Malala's work towards Goal 4 of the Global Goals continues to inspire millions around the world! And what better way of celebrating your birthday than setting up your Instagram account and posting about your trip to Brazil? Follow Malala here! (She already has nearly 200k followers!)

2) Prince Charles Supports The Goals

Prince Charles has launched the Prince of Wales Global Sustainablity Fellowships at The University of Cambridge. The Programme aims to attract leading academics from around the world to undertake research ​in co-operation with the private sector to identify breakthrough solutions to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals... The best and brightest minds in the world working together for the Global Goals? Thanks Prince Charles! Read more here.

3) 99 Problems, Mandela 100 Ain't One!

Our friends at Global Citizen have thrown some pretty amazing concerts through the years. The best thing about them is that tickets are free, and the way you get to attend is by taking action, which in turn accelerates progress towards the Goals!

This week they announced their most spectacular concert yet. Honouring Nelson Mandela in South Africa, on what would have been his 100th year, the December line-up includes: Jay Z and Beyonce, Chris Martin, Pharrell Williams and Ed Sheeran.

Read more.

4) The Best Story In Global Health

The number of children who die goes down every year but we can do more... According to a video released through her twitter, the world could save 800,000 infant deaths a year by promoting healthy breastfeeding. As Bill and Melinda Gates said at Goalkeepers last September, progress on the Global Goals is possible but not inevitable... Watch Melinda's video here

5) An Interactive Dashboard For the Global Goals

Curious to understand which countries are making progress on the Global Goals? A 2018 version of the SDG Dashboard has been released. It provides a visual representation of countries’ performance by Goal to identify priorities for action. The “traffic light” color scheme (green, yellow, orange and red) illustrates how far a country is from achieving a particular goal. Click to learn how your country is doing!